Derek Bissitt

7th and 8th grade science, Biology, 9th grade PE, and 7th grade homeroom and advisory

Ingrid Moreau

Jr. - Sr. High School Theology Teacher

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Jacob Doolittle

Ninth Grade Advisor, AP US Government & Politics, Theology 8, 9, History 9, 10, Sport Clinic

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Kelly Chung

Dean of Students, Senior Advisor, US History 8, Social Studies Chair, Lifeskills, English 8, American Government, Study Hall, Geography, Psychology, Sociology

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Lisa Franklin


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Maile Kipapa

Hawaiian Language

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Mandy Marshall

Meal Program Manager, Elementary After School Program Aide

Mark Caudill

Mathematics/Science Chair, Pre-Calculus, Alg II, Conceptual Physics, Algebra I, Geometry, General Math, AP Calculus

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Maryellen Monello

Computer Science, Elementary Computer, Yearbook, 8th grade Homeroom and Advisory

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Masae Gomes

Japanese Language I, II, III/ International Program Director

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Matthew Eftink

Technology/STEM Chair, Pre Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry, Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Calculus, Robotics Coach

Michael Costales

Athletic Director, P.E. Chair, P.E. 7th and 8th

Nathan Yocum

College Counselor, English 11, English 10, Sophomore Adviser, History 11, AP Writing, Criminal Justice

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Randy Skaggs

Fine Arts Chair, 5th Grade - Recorder, 6th Grade - Beginning Band, 7th-9th Grade - Intermediate Band, 9th-12th Grade - Concert Band

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Susan Wehrsig

Vice Principal, Academic Dean, Language Arts Chair, History 7, English 9, 12, Senior Project, Composition 7, English 7

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Suzette Ridolfi

Spanish Language / ESL Teacher

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