Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Tuition Assistance Program 2023-2024

St. Joseph School offers tuition assistance to families with demonstrated financial need.  Families are required to complete a financial aid application in order to qualify for tuition assistance.  There are several different types of aid:

Augustine Educational Foundation: Funded by donations, parish collections, and an endowment, this diocesan foundation offers scholarships of up to $1,000.00 per elementary school student and $1,250.00 per high school student. Awards are based solely on financial need. Catholic and non-Catholic students in grades K-12 are eligible for these grants. For more information please go to: The Augustine Education Foundation website

St. Joseph School Financial Aid: Funded by private donations and grants, St. Joseph School offers scholarships to students with demonstrated financial need.  Awards are based on financial need and volunteerism within the school.  Catholic and non-Catholic students in grades K-12 are eligible for these scholarships.

St. Joseph Work-Study Program: As part of the operation of the high school students are given tuition assistance in exchange for one hour of work per day in the school.  Assigned duties are usually cleaning classrooms after school.  Students that qualify for this type of assistance are credited aid for the year.  Catholic and non-Catholic students in grades 9-12 are eligible for this type of assistance. 

Preschool Open Doors Tuition Assistance Program: To apply please CLICK HERE

The link for parents to apply To FACTS is:

For FACTS GRANT Aid: Apply Online at FACTS

Interested in Kamehameha Schools financial aid and scholarship information?
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