Frequently Asked Questions

You may have many questions about St. Joseph Schools, its philosophy, and the education it provides. Read below to see some of the most frequently asked questions. You can also read our Student Handbook or contact us for more information.


What is a Catholic education?
As a Catholic school, religious and moral education is combined with sound academic programs and extracurricular opportunities within a safe, nurturing environment.

What if my family is not Catholic? Can only Catholics attend?
SJS admits students regardless of race, color, nationality or religious affiliation. It is not necessary to be a Roman Catholic to attend.

Is SJS accredited?
SJS is a fully accredited educational institution with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Hawaii Association of Independent Schools, and the Western Catholic Educational Association. Our preschool is licensed by the State of Hawaii Department of Health and Human Services.

What kind of social environment will my child find at the school?
SJS has a diverse mix of students which provides for a rich social experience. The values embodied in the Catholic school experience support a healthy relationship among the students.

Is the school safe?
SJS makes every effort to provide a safe environment for your children. There are policies and guidelines with regard to conduct and discipline, as well as the overall religious focus of the school, that create a nurturing and safe environment.

Does the school follow a yearly calendar similar to public schools?
SJS has made an effort to make its schedule very similar to the Hawaii public school year calendar with the exception of the Fall break. The school  year runs from August-May.

Is there a required uniform?
SJS students are required to wear uniforms.  You may also learn more about our uniform code on this website.

Is the school up-to-date in terms of technology?
SJS strives to stay abreast of technological trends and advancement. Both the elementary and the high schools are equipped with computer labs and learning/research centers.

Do you have a lunch program?
SJS offers both breakfast and a lunch programs that meet national guidelines and participates in the National Free and Reduced Meal Program.

Do you have after school programs?
Extended day care is available for the Preschool. The elementary school offers after school program.  Extra curricular programs are also available. Inquire about after school tutoring for high school and elementary students from 2:30-3:30 p.m.

I am new to Hawaii; why should I send my child to SJS?
The culture of aloha, Christian welcoming, and Catholic values can smooth the way for your child to have a positive experience. The students at SJS bond together in a way that is a powerful statement about our commitment to provide our children with a healthy environment for their growth and development.


What are the admission procedures?
Admission procedures depend on the entry level of the student. For more information call the preschool at (808) 961-0424, the elementary school at (808) 935-4935 or the high school at (808) 935-4936.


How much is the tuition?
Please contact (808) 935-4936 for up-to-date tuition information or visit the tuition section of this website.

Are there additional fees?
Extracurricular activities, uniforms, school supplies, books, and the meal program are not included in the tuition.  For grades K-8, a comprehensive fee of $250 will be charged to cover common fees such as books, yearbooks, and class dues.  For grades 9-12, a comprehensive fee of $500 covers class dues, athletic fees, yearbooks, and books.  Field trips, special class projects, uniforms, the lunch program, and other individual expenses are not covered by the comprehensive fee.

Is financial assistance available?
Yes, financial assistance is based upon need. Applications are available through the business office in February with a Mid-March deadline (call 808-935-8443). Applications received after mid-March are subject to limited availability of funds. 

What are the tuition payments options?
Three payment plans are available: one-payment, two-payments, or monthly payments.

May we visit the school?
Yes. Please contact (808) 935-4936 (High School) or (808) 935-4935 (Elementary School) to set up an appointment.

How can I find out more information?
Please contact (808) 935-4936 (High School) or (808) 935-4935 (Elementary School) to request an information packet with more detailed information about our school.

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