Campus Beautification Day

Posted on March 10, 2022 in: General News

Campus Beautification Day

On March 2, following our Ash Wednesday prayer service, the Jr./Sr. High Division took the remainder of the day to focus on projects to beautify the campus. It was uplifting to see the student body give back and take pride in their campus.

The 7th graders worked in the māla, or Hawaiian garden, pruning ti leaf, clearing and replanting sweet potato, and designing a cinder walking path through the māla.

The 8th graders cleaned and resurrected the vegetable garden.

Due to COVID protocols, both of these areas were not maintained since the start of the pandemic.

The 9th graders cleaned and organized the kitchen in the Jr./Sr. High Division.

The 10th graders cleaned the planters along the bulidings and washed the outside of the classroom windows.

The Junior class rebuilt the picket fence in front of the school and helped the 7th graders remove trash from the māla.

The seniors leveled cinder by the gym and built a retainer to prevent the cinder from eroding.

They all worked hard and the effort really shows.

Thank you to Mrs. Villena and Mr. Danie for organizing eveything. Thank you to the faculty and staff for working along side the students. Because of you, our campus looks that much better!

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