Message from Interim Head of School

Posted on July 06, 2021 in: General News

Message from Interim Head of School

Aloha Saint Joseph Ohana,

I want to welcome all of you to the 2021-2022 school year.  The Vatican has made 2021 the Year of St. Joseph.  How fitting that as we emerge from a year of challenges, with COVID-19 and financial uncertainty, that we will be watched over by our Patron Saint.  St. Joseph expressed his fatherhood by offering Jesus a home of safety and love, “a love placed at the service of the Messiah who was growing to maturity in his home.” ~ St. Paul IV.   This year the faculty and staff will be dedicated to ensuring that St. Joseph School is a safe and loving home for all of our students. 

In support of this year’s dedication to giving students a safe and loving environment in which to learn and grow in Christ, there will be concrete initiatives that we will implement:

  • COVID protocols that we developed last year which worked well for us will remain in place.
  • Throughout the year our teachers will be receiving in-service training to help identify and support students that may be dealing with mental health issues. 
  • As the restrictions of COVID start to lift, we will be actively looking for safe opportunities to allow our students to go out into our community to radiate their light, and show what our school has taught them.

We are lucky to have had Mrs. Wehrsig’s leadership last year. Her stewardship gave us a solid foundation to work from.  We also cannot begin to express how grateful we are to all the families, parishioners, and community members that came forward to help St. Joseph’s.  All of that effort has helped put St. Joseph School on a stable financial footing to be able to start focusing on our future.   I look forward to working with all you toward that future.


Interim Head of School

Matthew J. Eftink

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