Parent’s Guide to Sycamore

This document is intended to help you become familiar with viewing your children’s grades and class information using the St. Joseph School’s new school management software (Sycamore).

 Log into sycamore. At the beginning of summer you should have received an email from regarding an invitation to join Sycamore. If you no longer have that email or wish me to resend the invitation please email with the name of one of children included in the email. I will resend out the invitation at that point. (If you have not logged into sycamore it will ask you change your password). The url for sycamore is

To View the student handbook

1. Once logged on into Sycamore you should see a page similar to the following:

2. On the left hand side you see a menu item labeled School, if you click on that you should see a sub-level menu item labeled documents. By selecting documents you will see 3 handbooks Junior/Senior High School (Under review), Elementary, and Preschool. Select the one that is appropriate to you and you can download and view the handbook.

To View Grades

1. On the left hand side you should see a menu item labeled MyFamily, if you click on that you should then see Students. When you click this you should see a list of all your children that are enrolled in St. Joseph.

2. Selecting one child you can see a page like this, on the General tab will tell you what the students current assignments are, and any missing assignments, as well as upcoming events.

3. If you select the Grades tab you will the current grades any subjects that have posted grades.

To View Homework Assignments

1. From a student’s general tab you see all the current assignments, below that is any assignments that are marked as late or missing for the student. This is a convenient way to see what your child is current assigned and what is late.

Homeroom Events

1. Sometimes a teacher will add what is going on for the entire week, so parents can have an overview of the upcoming week. To see that over view, go to the students homeroom, by selecting the Schedule Tab, and down at the bottom you will see the homeroom. Click on the school house icon.

2. You should see the front page for homeroom. The center section will contain News of what is going on that week.

3. Some teachers will do things a little different. Your specific teacher can help you navigate those differences.

Click here for pdf version: How to Use Sycamore