St. Joseph School Fall Highlights

St. Joseph Highlights
Fall 2018

St. Joseph School is still doing well and operating within the budget for this school year. Enrollment remains steady, and there is still anticipation for several more students entering for the spring semester. Here are some highlights for the fall semester:

• The spring of 2018 was an extremely important benchmark for St. Joseph School. For the first time ever, St. Joseph School received a seven-year Triple Crown Accreditation with a one-day mid-cycle review. The Triple Crown is accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, The Hawaii Association of Independent Schools, and The Western Catholic Education Association. Some of our highest commendations were in the areas of Catholic Identity, Academics, and the recognition of a truly dedicated and supportive faculty and staff. This is a huge accomplishment for our school, and we should all take pride in it!

• Enrollment is relatively steady. We’ve lost and gained a few students, but we are happy with our increase of local resident students this year. It looks promising for the spring semester.

• Our Country Fair made a net of an estimated $40K. We sold out on most of the food items at retail prices. The Alumni and Friends sold out on their pickles and preserves. The baked goods did very well and the malassadas were wonderful! Mahalo to all those who volunteered to help make the Fair a success!

• The fall of 2018 marks the first semester in which we have PWH Scholars in all grade levels from 9th through 12th. We will be graduating our first batch of PWH seniors this school year! PWH is a scholarship support program funded through the PWH Foundation and the Augustine Education Foundation. The program sponsors up to five scholars entering their freshmen year. As indicated, this is the fourth year of the program at St. Joseph School, and we are very pleased with the growth of the program.

• We are very close to making our goal for the much-needed fence around the school.

• We are visiting our Sister School, Urawa Jitsugyo Gakuen, in Japan this November. Twelve students will participate and will be accompanied by three school employees and one invited guest. We will renew our relationship through a formal signing ceremony.