Congratulations Class of 2017

I want to congratulate the St. Joseph School 2017 graduating class on a job well done!  In my message to the graduates, I wanted this diverse group of critical thinkers to know that while they cannot control every circumstance in their lives, they can control their response to those circumstances.  I strongly urged them to use the skills they gained here at St. Joseph School to make positive decisions that will benefit all.  I want them to reflect and use gratitude, compassion, and love to guide their thinking.  I’m very proud of all our students, and I know they will do great things for the community at large.

 I wish everyone a safe summer and look forward to seeing all of you next year!  God bless you all!

Dr. Llewellyn Young

 “Quaerite Primum Regnum Dei”  
 (Seek First the Kingdom of God)