Administrative Support

Name Position
Mr. Bradley Levandowski PWH Academic Coach
Mrs. Kim Arianoff Elementary School Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Stacey Dente Executive Administrative Assistant
Ms. Yvette Moran High School Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Janelle Au PWH Counselor
Mr. Michael Costales Athletic Director, P.E. Chair, P.E. 7th and 8th
Dr. Llewellyn K. Young, Jr. Principal
Mrs. Theresa Revell Vice Principal Elementary School, Fourth Grade
Mrs. Melveen Ojano Business Manager
Mrs. Teresa Fuata Elementary School Administrative Assistant
Mr. Danie Villena Head Maintenance
Mr. Robert Alapai Maintenance/Security, Custodial, Work Study
Ms. Mabel Pacheco Maintenance/Security, Custodial
Ms. Miyuki Lee Director of International Program/Interact Club